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August 12, 2002

anonymous blogging

anonymous blogging

I rarely get fired up about anything real, but after reading Glenn Reynolds, Dawn and Den Beste's opinions on anonymous blogging, I digress from my usual tripe.

Glenn thinks it's okay to blog anonymously but feels that readers give those folks less respect than if a true identity was attached. I'm sure that's true for warbloggers and the like. But no one has mentioned that from the social commentary side of the blogosphere the readers of non-anonymous blogs *can* lose a lot in honesty.

Who can use their real name and write about the scandals at work? Who can talk openly about cheating on their boyfriend or husband? Or talk about what's wrong with their relationship? Who can use their real name and complain about their boss? Or talk about the strange things their friends do? All very interesting, worthwhile and entertaining things to read, I think.

Anonymity is a free pass to be completely honest without suffering economic or personal losses. The comedian touches on that briefly noting that a pen name and anonymity are different. How many bloggers have you heard about losing their jobs over their blogs? I can name more than a few. Hell I lost a job over here say that I talked shit about a co worker at a bar on a Saturday night. Life isn't safe, you know.

Lots of folks have met me and know my real name. There are pictures of me posted all over the place. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Moxie is not a shroud of mystery, it's simply a way for me to write openly and honestly about people I worked with, my crazy family and even my neighbors. He who has not googled a friend's name may cast the first stone.

Perhaps most importantly as a woman, it's much more comfortable to use my nom de plume. I don't have to worry about being stalked in the serious sense. Even my domain registration address belongs to a six foot tall X pro football player friend of mine. So if you give me less respect for being free to write about everything in my life -- then so be it.

UPDATE: den beste needs to take a reading for comprehension class for grouping me - a single woman who NEVER talks about politics - with two who do often and want to hide behind psdeudonyms. He liked bigwig's post which contained a more verbose version of my post.
He missed the point all together on moxie. C'est dommage. he must be very thirsty.

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Funny I should find this page after searching for "write your feelings" which didn't work, and then "anonymous writings", which didn't work...and then finally "anonymous blogging". I need to write, I need someone to listen. I need to find one person who truely understands and will respond to me with kind and sensible words.
Whats this about. Me. I'm just a woman frustrated with life, frustrated with my selfishness and my sacrifices and my lack of seizing opportunities. Am I feeling sorry for myself? Yes. Do I know how to fix it? Yes. What stops me from fixing it? I don't know!!
The beginning would be the logically place to start but I don't have time nor do I want to sound like one of those people who blame everything on their parents. Lets start from where things starting mattering to me. I became a mother, a single mother. She saved my life, but now I can't save hers. I want so much for her but can't give it to her. Its her 15th birthday tonight and I couldn't afford to give her a party so her friend offered - she has great friends. But now here I am on the other end of the phone listening to the fun she is having with her friends and the parents of the hosting girl. I'm sick, why can't I give that to her..
I've worked so hard over the last ten years to get where I am, I held down a 80,000.00 job last year but now because of the economy I am unemployed, I have no prospects and am afraid I may have to move her away from her friends and her H.S. which she just started.. I'm sick. I can't do that to her after all we've been through. Years of moving and transition, promises that this job would last forever, we will be able to buy a house soon. Money, its always money, or so I thought. Now I wonder what if I had done this differently, didn't do that, stayed with her father just for her security. Why can't I give her what I want!! Security, Stability, Consistence.
This is too painful and embarrasing. I'm sick.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 15, 2003 6:07 PM

Anonymous, go on over to Blogger.com and sign up for a blogspot account. Then email me or post your URL here and I will link you.

Sounds like having a written outlet for all these issues would be a good thing for you. It's helped me immensely in the past.

Posted by: moxie at March 15, 2003 7:28 PM